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    Lecture 37: Water Larry’s asked how to get out of a short-term mentality if people want a house ready to sell in two years instead of 25.

    The idea that came to me is you can target an emerging market of permaculturists or peole who’ve just taken a PDC. It’s a niche market, but people like that would actually pay a premium to have an already-started food forest. Some of them may not have the money to purchase land that others don’t, but they’ll be a good investment, since they’re likely to look for ways to have the land work for them, and that’s a surer thing in these times than a lot of other investments. Niche marketing is big in every other area; in real estate, which is a major purchase, it’s a far likelier thing to work (as distinct from purchases that are cheap like toilet paper or paper, which buyers won’t research as thoroughly).

    And even someone who’s not up to speed can be educated about the value of the yard they’re purchasing–you never know who’s going to be the next person to sign up for a PDC and get religion!



    Selling points a lot of people can get behind with not a lot of need for educating them:

    less watering the lawn
    less mowing
    free fresh fruit, organic (pricier), in a few years
    free fresh annuals growing around the tree (that you are eating this year)
    “get back to nature, and give back to the earth” in a general way

    The physicist Richard Feynman found you can convince anyone of anything if you sound confident. He picked up babes in bars, finagled his way into classified information, and bs’ed his way into places with restricted access.

    You can always plant a seed. If someone doesn’t seem to listen today, you never know when your words will come back to them–maybe in 25 years, maybe in a few days.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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