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    As I have promised to share my first project with you from start to end. Yesterday on 4th February 2015 I have signed a final agreement to make “First Experimental Food Forest Project” I want to include you all so that you can also have a sense of belonging with this and those who want to initiate their projects don’t feel alone. I want to give motivation and support to all such people because I take my motivation from this forum otherwise all Perma experts I contacted didn’t help me with a single bit of practical advice. Take my example I started with scratch and alone, government hasn’t given me land yet, but still this concept inspired my first client Ishtiaq who happily provided me with his residence. So let’s have some fun and learning together while making this experiment successful.
    The most interesting is my craziness and risky dare that I contacted forest department and applied for forest land but forest people even don’t know about food forest. One day I was calling again and again to talk to secretary forest department but his PA was not connecting me with him rather asking why you want to talk? I replied that I want to make forest. He said we already have been creating lots of forests then what’s the need of forest made by you? I said I want to make food forest. He bluntly said “what’s the work of Food in Forest? I just disconnected the phone in anger but then I laughed too much. I told this to the secretary as well when I met him later. They forwarded my case to research department so that they can take over the project with me, but I protested that what’s the right of them to take over the project? So I am no more interested in government land. The case is in process but now I didn’t pursue even once. Instead I have decided to start work for Ishtiaq who is also a forester and was too much moved and impressed by the idea of food forest that he requested me to not only initiate the project at his land but also want to learn and work with me as well.
    Seeing his passion and enthusiasm and openness for new techniques I prefer to work for him and with him as well. Though he is new to this entire concept but still easily understand all terms and concepts. I just need to verbally tell him that first I will do this then this —–. He is providing me with full support. Whatever I am suggesting him he is ready to provide me with that. I am happy that I am not only the pioneer of this concept in Pakistan but also spreading it fast and even attracting and approaching influential departments e.g. Forest department —– so used to work in conventional way that asks “food in a forest? Ha ha ha! I really enjoyed his remarks and since that day I have been anxiously waiting for that day when I finally show him Food in a forest. Pray for me and the fruity paradise forest. You guys also try to connect with bold and like- minded passionate people because it’s the first key to success. Even in old bodies you can find young souls.
    Technical details I will share tomorrow. Sorry for a little off topic but as this is going to be a history so I find it important to provide you with the necessary back ground.
    I don’t know whether I can upload direct video here I will show you entire land before and after step by step. I will invite your advice and suggestions and miracle tips as well. See u soon



    Sounds like a worthwhile project for me to follow so I am looking forward to your progress.
    Three other family members and I have 3 acres of cleared grassland surrounded on north
    and west sides by 75 foot tree line borders. We are in the planning phase at this moment.

    Paul Walker Jacksonville, Florida USA



    Sure thanks and manna4us I wish you success for your project as well.



    What is the location of your intended food forest? I plan turning my ancestral land, around 6 acres into food forest like orchard. My challenge is inability to stay at my land or to visit it enough due to my job. And the land is arid (Attock)
    Wish you all the luck in your project.



    Hi Znakbar I am in Punjab, Lahore. It’s good that you want to establish a food forest at your ancestral land, but if you cant stay or even visit frequently then it would be a real challenge. If you hire some employees even then without your own interest and supervision it won’t work because employees can’t work as diligently as you and they will never give attention to details as you can. I want to know are you a person with an agricultural background etc.?

    Thanks for your well wishes. I hope my project is going to be a success.



    Oh no. I have no personal agricultural experience except planting a few
    plant ad forget kitchen garden. I visit my land only when on leave and as I
    was there yesterday I realized the following:
    When explaining permaculture to my people they wonder if I have gone nuts
    as they prefer to plant only what can give them easy cash back.
    They do not want to wait to long for wood trees to mature.
    Monoculture is what they believe in.

    I have to continue depending on luck till I retire but in the meanwhile I
    am reading a lot of material on the topic. I also have some wonderful
    documentaries. I can send those to you if you like to read digital books.
    The documentaries are excellent and include some by very experienced people.

    I plan planting a mix of fruit trees and am undecided about grapes which
    are successful in Potohar region.



    Sure send me whatever stuff you have because the more you get knowledge the good it is. Send me your Email for further correspondence in this regard.




    Good to know people trying to introduce and practice permaculture in Pakistan. Wish luck to you and hope to learn something from your experience.


    Nathan Storm

    I am wondering. If you went to Gurdwara Nankana Sahib, which has been mostly neglected since partition, if there might be surviving trees and vines. That would show a bit about what can be successful in a food forest.



    Now that you mention it, I will definitely visit that place. Thanks for the suggestion.



    Hi Zee,
    Can you please send some information on the documentaries? I am interested in setting up onsite camp gardens for the mines etc etc.
    Regards Wes
    E: customfiterg@bigpond.com


    Hi Zee
    What USDA zone do you create your food forest in Lahore?
    Keep on planting ( -:,



    Hi Zee,
    I’m involved like you in a project in which forest gardening is the main topic and I’ll be pleased to share with you my experience.
    Meanwhile I would like to cocreate a worldwide net of rural sites managed according to the permaculture principles: may I know the google earth geoghaphical coordinates of your food forest site?
    Rudolf from Italy


    RonAld Ward

    great, i am on the same path of a food forest. our climates are different, but very interested in what you come up with. you may have great success with Moringa oleifera .

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