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    I’ve been trying to think about how we could catch and use our rainwater–just starting with what comes off the roof would be great. I think it wouldn’t be too hard to put tanks in near the drainage from our gutters. But I’m guessing I’d have to save the water only in the spring as storing the water over winter would probably just ruin the tanks–I’m likely to get some used plastic tanks–it’s what I can afford for now. It may be that the spring rains are even more than I can store in the first place, but does anyone out there store water collected in the fall during freezing weather??

    PS–unfortunately our land is on such a slope that I can’t think really how we could put a pond in–but that would probably be a nice way in an ideal situation.



    Putting in a pond on a slope would require a lot of earthworks, which you’d have to do your homework and use your judgment about (and consult with County land-use regulations about doing extensive grading like that).

    A tank for roof rainwater collection, however, could be buried. The main reservoir would be unlikely to freeze with enough of an insulating material over the top of the tank. The primary issue would be the in and out pipes, as they are narrow and not generally buried deeply. You would have to consider insulating these pipes or placing them where they would pick up residual heat from the living area or greenhouse (if you have one attached). Strategic placement of all this would be key.



    I suppose I could always have a burried tank and then just shut off the pipes when freezing temps are a concern. During that time, I could always revert to the old runnoff system, but at least it would be a way of storing our autumn rain.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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