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    I started the course late February to early March and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. My concern is that by the time I get done with the lectures and the designers manual with the limited time I have, it will be winter before I feel knowledgeable enough to start a project. Could I bend any bodies ear for just a bit and get some suggestions on what would be a good design project to do in the winter in Utah??


    Nathan Storm

    This spring I started to do a combination of Hugelkulture (I have some waterlogged tree trunks to bury) and sheet mulching.
    The general concept was to turn a lawn into a tilled garden which would then evolve in sections towards a combination of food forest and kitchen garden. – – After waiting through the winter and studying the lectures on this website, Guess what I discovered?

    HugelKulture and sheet mulching can best be done in the fall/winter so the soil can mellow!!

    Now I have a leisurely late summer project rather than a spring rushed project 🙂

    Depending on how harsh your winter actually is: If the ground is not frozen, I recommend emending damaged soils with your own blend of swales, hugelkulture, and sheet mulching.

    Recommendation #2: Find the land you will work with. Sit and watch.

    May nature teach you well,
    – Nathan



    Brandon, my understanding is that you can come up with your plan and then implement it in stages–even over a period of years.

    As Nathan points out, it’s nice if you’ve had a chance to observe the land you want to deal with. For my project I’m doing my own yard and an adjascent plot of land, so I’ve had a few years of observation. Still, I think in some of the videos for student presentations there were groups that planned to put say a school or a restaurant in place and that had not (if I remember correctly) found an actual site yet. So they just said what they were looking for ideally. You could potentially spend the winter months looking for local partners, funding, land, resources etc.

    Is there a spot you know that looks like it needs some attention–either your own property a neighbor’s or a local abandoned lot etc? You posted in Urban Permaculture so maybe you’re thinking of a community garden? I live in a mountain area of France so we don’t do much in the winter here except shovel snow and haul wood. But that doesn’t stop you from planning, getting ideas from locals, ordering plants, scaring up materials you’ll need for the spring etc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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