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    Where I live we have heavy clay soil, permeable surfaces for parking lots and roads are not allowed because of the expansion contraction and risk of landslide characteristics of this land type. With clay you don’t want it to get too dry or too wet to keep it stable. I have a large, fairly steep slope on my property that I want to plant with fruit trees and natives but I am concerned that cutting swales would be a bad idea due to the soil type.

    Does anyone know of places with areas with high clay content have successfully used swales on steeper slopes, permeable surfaces and other techniques in clay soil safely in a clay potentially unstable slope environment? For slopes I am thinking I should use a fish scale swale system. rather than long swales all the way down my slope.



    I’m wondering if you’ve found any more information on your questions. Some relatives of mine have the same situation. They’d love to put in nut and fruit trees as well. It’s their first property and they’d love any suggestions. (They’re in MI, USA if that helps climate-wise)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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