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    Is anyone taking this class as a group? We have a thriving local permaculture club that is interested in meeting in person to discuss the lessons and perform hands-on course material. I was wondering if a template already exists for this process?

    Eliza Lord
    SC Upstate Permaculture Society
    Appalachian Feet



    If anyone is interested, our permaculture society decided to split up into groups of around 4 people (mostly determined by who lived closest to each other). Each group will choose a name for themselves and how often they want to meet (the group I am in is meeting twice a month for classwork discussions with additional hands-on work days scheduled as needed). Group members will determine how much material to cover on their own before each meeting, and what to cover during class. Each group will also plan a workshop on the topic of their choice and host it for the permaculture society members. We plan to give updates on our individual group’s progress at the monthly society meetings.

    We are recommending that each group use their first meeting to create and write a contract about what the group expects from participants (commitment to scheduling, how to treat each other, etc.). It is also suggested that groups use some sort of speaking stick to indicate who has the floor.



    thanks for posting about this…I have for sure thought about getting together with a group of people to work on this…or at least discuss it. our local food coop does community classes and book groups and I have thought about suggesting it there for people to meet and discuss things, network and share ideas and work parties. do you all have a place you post things?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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