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    currently living in the lower 48 looking for everything to give me that edge for when i move to Alaska.


    Teri Crowther

    From Salmon, Idaho. I am looking for ways to allow nature to do the work it is designed to do while ensuring I can feed my family. We are not completely subsistance, yet we are close. I love the lifestyle as well as the idea that I can allow my property to be as natural as possible yet fruitful.


    Vanessa Doyle

    Being the mother of 3 children and a lover of all things natural, I’m here to learn so that I can better the lives of those around me as well as pass knowledge on to my children.


    Cassandra Artemissa

    Good day! My name is Cassandra and I am here from all over the US, mainly the droughted Southern California, Southern Arizona, and gray Pacific Northwest. I have always been in tune with our Mother Earth and am looking to work with her in a way that nourishes me, my family, my community and Her all at the same time. I am saddened by the pollution and abuse our land has suffered at the hands of greed, and am ready to turn this around!




    Lee Ioerger

    Hi, I am from central, Illinois and interested in advancing my knowledge in Permaculture practices as well as doing my part to facilitate change. All of the subjects covered provide many interesting solutions and trials that I hope will help our planet.


    From North Texas looking to learn as much as I can. Working on building a family, so I want to get this down now! I’ve got two acres to work with, so I’m excited to see what we can do. Right now I let Mother Nature have her way and just gaze at and explore what she gives me, but to be able to add in a positive way would be so much the better. I look forward to food plants, textile plants, medicine plants, bee friendly plants, and generally creating a habitat for local flora and fauna. To all our relations.



    Hello! I’m in California and I just learned about Permaculture yesterday! Pretty excited to learn more!



    From the grand state of Kentucky, my interests lie in world issues, and solutions. Our world is at a critical stage, and we as a race, humanity, have forgotten what even our forefathers knew, don’t take more than you need. Hello to all!




    Hello! I love to be challenged to come up with solutions to issues to help them work more efficiently. The more natural, the better.



    Hey Everyone! I own an organic landscaping Company. My desire is to help my clientele learn what their space, weather it be yard or land, can do for them. I’m very interested in coming up with some drainage solutions. Most people in this area deal with standing water. I’m very excited to have this opportunity.



    Hi all, had great experiences working in gardens and farms, but I always knew there was a more complimentary means to growing and nurturing the land. I eventually want to homestead, permaculture is a must!
    I am for working with nature.



    Hello, I am Rhonald living around Nashville,TN. I am in a big city so I really don’t know what I can do with premaculture design, but I am still curious on sustainability. Maybe I can put it to use in the big city, living in an apartment. I could also pass the knowledge down to my parents who live in a very rural area. I have never done any kind of study so, this is completely knew to me. I seen a post about this on Facebook and here I am. Nice to meet you all, though I never read anything about anyone. 🙂 Good day to all!


    John Owen

    Hello My Name is John Owen. I live about an hour North-West of Baltimore Maryland. I have been working as a farmhand since I was 10 years old. Until very recently I had no idea what Permaculture was. My friend Ilean introduced me to the idea while we were working on her farm. She happened to know a local who had made a businesses out of food-forest landscaping. We were introduced, and I have been closely working with him ever since. I found this course via facebook. I was a little skeptical of the site’s validity at first- but then curiosity got the better of me, and I went for it! I am excited to see what this course has to offer me.

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