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    See if we can start a thread for USA and all collaborate here. I would like to see introductions from my fellow American citizens. It’s hard though to have a conversation all in separate threads….



    hey (:. how do i start the first lecture?. this is kind of a confusing process lol. or im just getting impatient, and not looking thoroughly enough.



    never mind lol… it all came together



    Hello, I just found this class online and I am very excited to see what I can learn and pass on to others. My name is Noval Cox. I am the mother of 6 children and i am dedicated to living a greener existence this year and for the rest of my life.



    Hello! I live in Salt Lake City with my boyfriend, dog, and six chickens. I enrolled because I want to learn how to lead a more sustainable, earth-friendly lifestyle. I also want to know more about ecosystems and natural cycles.



    My name is James and I live in Lewiston, ID. My wife and I recently purchased a home in downtown which has a fare amount of land for a city plot. We’d like to start adding permaculture into the houses master planning stage of development and thought this would be a great place to start. I’m an Electrical Engineer by trade and work for an Electrical Contractor. Feel free to ask me any electrical questions you might have. I’m happy to lend my expertise if able.


    Traci Burnsed

    Hello from Silver City, NM. I am excited to take this permaculture course because it just makes so much sense to create a living supportive system around me. It’s also a less intensive to way to garden once established which is really good for me now that I have an eleven-month old little boy around monopolizing most of my time!


    kathleen wade

    Greetings lovers of the earth! My name is Kathleen. I am in Wisconsin. A little about myself…..

    Life is Love. I make terrible choices when I am in love. It is much like a war raging inside of me.The war inside me is something I struggle with. It doesn’t hurt anyone but me. I would never want to remove it because it’s what makes me more morally and ethically evolved than the rest of the human race. Unfortunately it makes me vulnerable to the evils of self centered people.

    I would love to spend my life saving people; mainly children that cannot save themselves. But I need to save my own children first.

    I am a writer with many skills and options. I became a writer to give a voice to those that cannot find the power and strength to speak. My long term goal is to move to Africa so I can write about the genocide that is being committed by their own government. To inform, educate, and make people aware of what’s happening. I’m sure to die shortly after I arrive but if I could save even one life; at least my life would have purpose.

    I am Buddhist. I love my Mother – earth, that is. I run barefoot in the summer to feel her on the souls of my feet, I tread lightly so to be sure to never harm her. I add to my environment rather than take away. I would take my boys, my dog Bear and move to the woods in a tree house lol if I thought he would never find us. I don’t belong here. Nature and all it’s beauty speak to me.

    I’ve had wild animals approach me without fear and trust. So much so several different species on many occasions have allowed me to touch them, pick them up, once in FL hundreds of white birds flew around me in a circle; causing my hair to float above my head. Weird hey!? My friends call me Snow White.

    I’m the long sigh.



    Hi Everyone,
    My name is Susan and I live in Idaho. I found this wonderful course while in the midst of researching organic gardening and am so happy to be part of it! I am planning to teach what I learn here to my children.



    Hi, I’m Mona and I live on the coast of Connecticut. After living in apartments all my life, I finally have a yard, unfortunately in need of much attention and renewal, and I don’t really know much of anything about how to get started!

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