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    What are your thoughts on Dr. Teruo Higa’s and Effective Microorganisms(also know as EM-1)? is it worth the cost and trouble? Looking forward to hearing if anyone has tried this.




    Hi. I don´t use comercial EM´s. I make them. It´s pretty easy. You cook some rice without oils. Put them in a plastic box and cover the rice with some cloth with little holes. Then bury the box in a humid place with lots of plants. Wait for a couple of weeks and you have collected your own EM´s. The best part is that you get what work better in your own land. When you have collected them, put them in a bucket with molasses and a fish tank oxigenator and they will reproduce.
    I take rain water 9 parts and the EM´s one part and spray the plants with it. Remeber that you need to mulch the soil or the EM´s will die fast.
    Also, spray at the end of the afternoon.
    Hope this helps you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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