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    Multifunctional, redundancy creates webs that can recover from disaster. Chickens keep things warm are good companions, scratch the ground, eat bugs and mice, lay eggs Multifunctional

    Mistakes are tools for learning

    Guilds are companion plants that create good soil, attract insects, balance relations and are the heart of permaculture multifunctional paradise.
    The best time to plant trees is last year.
    Pruning trees is detrimental, avoid this.
    Use small scale systems do the most work close to the house
    watch the land and observe.
    Edge effect, three dimensional, main edge is the forest and open space. make edges as large as possible use lots of wavy lines
    Succession the process by which nature heals land. Hard workers are invasive. Scotch broom is a nitrogen fixer and can grow in harsh conditions where other plant don’t as the soil improves other plants that could not grow before will take over this is succession.
    Plant/design gardens that mimic a forty year secession in five years. The goal is a forest garden.
    Trees, shrubberies, vines, annuals that give way to perennials,

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