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    Nature works, let her take you home. Ecology is at the heart of this practice. If it is hard work you are most likely not doing what nature would have you do.

    Book: Garden’s Guide to The Soil Food Web

    Diversity is all
    Soil is a filter decontaminating what comes into it. Take care of the soil and be aware of the suns power.
    When we interrupt nature then we are required to take over.
    Let nature do its thing.
    All insects belong.

    FOOD WEB::
    Producers: Trees and other plants. Sun light is key to this.
    Consumers: Herbivorous, animals that eat plants and carnivores animals who eat the plant eaters
    Decomposers: organic mater in the soil that remake the animals and there by products

    Preserve genetic diversity, respect right to life for all.
    Allow ecosystems to evolve under changing conditions and ask the land to forgive us.
    Use specie and habitat sustainably so the essential life sustaining process can continue.
    design closed systems that keep everything on the site. “There is no away to throw things to”

    If you build it they will come. Niches will be filled as we allow nature to move into our realm.

    Entropy: Everything tries to achieve the lowest energy level. Nature goes down hill always. The one Exception: LIFE the ability to absorb sun light self organizing systems reverses entropy.

    Entropy is bunk! It is our own (human confusion) that sees the life’s continuum from the limited ethnocentric point of view that has created the idea of entropy. The life cycle is rolling in a self organizing continuum. It is still our own limited awareness that can not know how it is that the sun has come to be and what that whole cycle is about. Entropy is not happening.

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