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    keep rain water on the site. use swales and and other rain water catching devices like tanks, mulched pits and berms to slow water and let it sink into the ground. The best place to store water is in the ground.

    In keeping with “allowing”, or do nothing farming. Graze sheep and goats on grass. Move the heard from paddock to paddock in the pasture. This prevents over grazing and eliminates the need for cutting and bailing hay. see: The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan

    In the first lesson the idea of not plowing and keeping the soil habitat intact was introduced in this lesson we find the beneficial aspects of chickens scratching in the soil. this means that there are no absolutes and that actual decisions need be based on conditions.

    Care for
    the earth, people, and share
    Creation or things to build: soil,community, improve life. Growing community use time banks.

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