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    We are considering planting a willow windbreak to stop the cold winter winds flying through our garden. The willow will be around 3 meters high and we are thinking that the willows will create a turbulent wind area above the 3 meters which would block or dissipate the higher winds as well. Is this correct? What else should we consider?

    I know that that the willow is evergreen but we are thinking that if the stacks are planted close enough to each other then the windbreak effect will be achieved. Do you agree?


    Hi Allan. Yes willows are good for windbreaks. Most willows are not evergreen. They loose their leaves, but they can survive severe wintercold. And they are easy to grow. You cut some branches of a willow, stick them in the ground (now, in January or February) and they will make their roots. Next summer you’ll have a green fence, and it will go on growing. If you plant them close enough, in some years you’ll have a green wall!



    what a great idea 🙂 I am from the South Island in New Zealand where there are lots of willows growing along rivers. i think I will try this myself 🙂 thanks



    Great Leonora! The willow fence is actually starting to sprout now! Exciting times!


    Congratulations Allan! I am still waiting for new green leaves to sprout, but I know my willows are OK, because this is the second season. Last year they were beautiful. I’d like to show a photo, but don’t know how to do that here.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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