Want to Create a Healthier, More Sustainable Living Space for Yourself and Your Family?

  • How to Capture and Clean Water
    You’ll learn about a simple, almost effortless strategy for reducing your household water consumption by 50% or more… without skipping showers or re-wearing clothes! The powerful water recycling techniques you’ll discover can supply 2/3 of your home’s water!
  • Key Fundamentals of Natural Building Materials
    Create natural bricks with four easy-to-find ingredients! You’ll also learn about the top renewable building method, which lets you create structures without baking, using bricks, or using formwork or structural molds!
  • Six Fascinating Secrets of Composting
    You’ll get the 6 simple rules for creating optimal compost, and learn how compost can prevent plant disease, filter rainwater, prevent soil erosion, and even provide heat and electricity.

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