How to Attract Bats to Garden –

How to Attract Bats to Garden

Apart from the obvious exception of owls, most bird species are active during the day. But many insect species are nocturnal, and pests can damage crops in the night with nothing to stop them. That’s when attracting bats to your permaculture plot can provide a solution. All bats are night-feeders, and most are insectivores, taking insects on the wing, scooping them from the surface of water bodies, or foraging for them in trees, shrubs and ground cover, all the time using their echolocation abilities to hone in on prey with ultrasonic sound. A few of the more than 40 species of bat that inhabit the U.S. feed on nectar and fruit. But these species are beneficial to the garden as well, with nectar-feeders helping to pollinate plants, and fruit feeders eating fallen fruit that could become home to insect pest larvae.

Using permaculture design to attracting bats to your site is also beneficial to the animals as well. Not only are you creating conditions that will meet their needs, you are providing important bat-friendly habitat. Bat populations in much of the world – like many other species of wildlife – are under pressure, primarily through loss of habitat to human incursion (although many are deliberately killed by gardeners and farmers over the misguided fear that they carry rabies – they don’t). Indeed, it is estimated that almost half of all bat populations in the U.S. are currently under threat. By using native plant species and promoting biodiversity, the permaculture gardener helps to secure the future of these charming nocturnal mammals. Bat populations exist in both urban and rural settings, so any permaculturist can adopt deign techniques to attract bats to their site.

The permaculture practice of planting a wide variety of different plant species on the plot is a good way of drawing in bats – not for the plants in and of themselves, but for the wide variety of insect species they will attract. Using native species, and varieties that you may have seen frequented by bats in the surrounding area, is useful. Herbs are particularly beneficial in attracting insects, so plant a wide variety of native herbs in your permaculture design – with the added benefit of giving you a lot of choice for your kitchen. You could also utilize night-scenting plants, as these will attract moths and other nocturnal insects in abundance. There are many night-scenting flower species, but in a permaculture garden it is preferable to use cultivars that will also provide a yield. Elder, globe artichokes and verbena are all suitable choice, alongside herbs like borage and chives, and fruit trees such as apples, pears and quince. Of course, planting to attract lots of insects means that there may be times when there are quite a lot of them, particularly in the spring an summer when they breed. However, this just adds to the biodiversity of the site and good maintenance practices should ensure beneficial insects, birds and bats keep them from inflicting excessive damage to your crops.

Trees and shrubs are also hunting grounds for bats, as they provide shelter and warmth for insects, and places where insect larvae and young can live. Trees can also provide shelter for smaller, slower bats, which prefer not to cross large areas of open space for fear of predators like owls and hawks. They will use tree canopies, shrubs and hedges to protect themselves from detection. Leave dead, hollow trees on the site as potential roosting places.

Like all animals bats need a constant supply of fresh water to drink. If you have a stream running through your property, this will be attractive to bats, but even on a smaller site, adding a birdbath or even just a container of fresh water – preferably harvested rainwater, and located away from the ground so the bats are not drawn into the range of domestic cats or dogs – will draw bats to your permaculture garden. A pond will also provide habitat for aquatic insects to breed and grow. This will also attract bats, as they will predate insects resting in the surface of the pond or on aquatic plants around the edge. It is also thought that bats use bodies of water, particularly linear features such as streams, to navigate their way around their range. (Another garden feature that will boost populations of insects that bats like to eat is an open compost pile.)

Bats will generally find their own place to roost, and because they range over large areas, they tend to prefer out-of-Barnthe-way places like barns on farms or caves. However, with the loss of suitable habitat, they are increasingly being seen roosting on buildings in urban areas, or trees in municipal parks. They will also shelter during the day in small groups in hollow trees, under the bark of living trees, and under tiles and soffits in roofs. Be aware of possible roosting sites on your property and do not disturb them if bats choose to use them. You can also provide shelter for bats by installing bat boxes on your site. Similar to bird boxes, a bat box can be purchased, but is fairly easy to assemble from recycled timber. Just make sure the timber has not been painted or treated with wood preservatives. You can place bat boxes on tree trunks but these tend to be lass favorable spots as they are not as warm as boxes placed on the sides of buildings or on dedicated poles. With both these latter locations, make sure the bat box is out of the reach of domestic animals, and in warm but sheltered aspects – a southerly or westerly is best. Avoid placing boxes too near doors and windows, as the bats will be disturbed by the proximity to people. You also want to place the boxes in locations that are inaccessible to snakes, who are, along with birds or prey, the bats’ main predators. Boxes will ideally have a small opening with a platform below it that juts out for the bats to land on.


awesome such usefull lovely creatures

I LOVE bats.

i have them in my apt…..

i have some in my belfry..

my neighbors attic is full of them, we watch them most every night come out of his roof and go back in the mornings, I just don’t understand why they won’t eat Squash bugs, that is the biggest thing destroying most of what i grow, and so far the only natural enemy they have is the ground beetle. but then maybe that is the explanation as to why i do not have a big mosquito problem despite 8 open water barrels on my property!

has there been any hope seen for the bats population to return after the mold problem or are we to be forever batless

I would be utilizing the bat guano in my neibor’s attic if I were you. Great in the soil.

i have thought about that seeing as how, our back yard was filled in in the ’30’s with coal silt from our old mill that burned its old coal for power. anything that had roots 8inches or better started out good but then died or exploded, so i have to spend all winter trying to amend my soil!, read many articles about the native Americans using Bat Crap for fertilizer. Must make sure that i have my respirator working before i can go up there lol!

A few years ago, I noticed rectangular wooden boxes high up on poles all over Blanchard park. Took me a few weeks to realize they were ‘bat motels’. Those bats really earn their lodgings. Mosquitoes aren’t really a problem there. =)

And, if you live on a farm with grain bins, DON’T KILL THE SNAKES!!

We plan on having bat houses at our new place

Bats populate near water–a stream river pond etc. it is rare to see them go into bat houses that do not have access to some form of water.

Does anyone think it’s odd that the article first establishes that one would want bats about because they eat insects and then proceeds to give instructions for ATTRACTING insects?

Ugh — not the bats — I had two inside my home and that wasn’t fun at all!

Yes, Patrick, that is odd but then, you can’t have bats without bat food.

sweet 🙂

I have Bat Boxes to go up in next years orchard…

That’s the side of a house, not the garden. (shiver)

We used to have nighthawks in my neighborhood that were relentless at catching and eating all kinds of flying insects. Use of highly toxic pesticides have resulted in the loss of all of these. Bats do kill a lot of bugs, but they also carry rabies.

We have bats in our house (no belfry available). Pretty weird when they do low-level fly-throughs, though.

John….you should say “they CAN carry rabies”….more accurate. Most bats do not carry rabies and they are superb insect eaters

attracting bats… not really a priority for me… baahhahahaha

My wife is screaming just because I looked at the picture. Pffftttt!

hunter s thompson gnome in the garden

Many people in GA have bat houses in their trees for the mosquito population.

i heart bats

I love bats, used to see them driving home in the summer eve’s and early fall eves, then the last couple yrs barely any. They are victims of a fungus that kills them. Fungus diseases in nature is a big killer, warmer temperatures increase fungal diseases. NO to tar sands.

just watch out for Reb Frost

No, not I want the to go some place else. They scare me to death.

Bats are so cool!

One of my favourite mammals.

Becky Christianson you would like this

We have a lot of bats on our property.

Sounds great….until they infest your roof!

Heidi Hayes if they infest your roof they are showing you a problem that you have that you were not aware of. Did you know without bats there is about 345 plants and cactus that would be extinct.

Bats all but gone here.

Christa Lynne Boschman

We photographed this guy hangin’ out at a Pet Valu store…

In our common area back yard space there are mature and healthy trees and there are a number of bats that come out in the night to catch and eat bugs. Definitely much better than using pesticides and they are fun to watch them zoom and flit about.

I’m totally into creating bat habitats with roman this spring

Danielle Leah – an absolute must for next season’s garden!

Let’s build bat boxes. Jessica Abalos

Kelly Mcpherson

We have bats in our garden here in Cagnes-sur-mer (southeast of France). They show up right after sunset, but I have no idea where they “nest”.

Antonia Wallace

Why would I attract bats.?I d be miles away from it.


I believe that bats populations should be allowed to exist & flourish, but your article implies that bats do not carry rabies.

Another good place to read:

Bats can & do test positive for rabies.
About 1/2 the people who died of rabies in the US from 2001-2011 got it from a bat.

Even though the person with a bat box may know better than to handle a bat, other people in the bay’s territory may not.

I highly recommend using good judgement about a good location that is not too close to humans & pets…


Let me add that not all bats carry rabies.

But some do and rabies has no cure. It is fatal.
Once sypmtoms appear, it’s too late.

Another note:
Pets & young children are not able to explain if they are bitten by a bat so they won’t be able get proper medical attention ASAP.
Please consider locations carefully so that both the bats and the humans can be safe.

can I send you some

water stream near by


Bats DO carry rabies

Bats CAN carry rabies but it is very rare. They are generally harmless and eat insects like nobodies’ business.

Many mammals can be rabid. Even cute little squirrels.

Ian G. Flores Siaca

I love bats and want to put in some bat houses

I grew up just north of Carlsbad Caverns State Park, NM, USA. We always had bats on the farm, but I wonder what their status happens to be these days. It was great and spooky (as a child) to know that we had bats everywhere! The guano was a decent business for the Caverns.

My name is barley and I eat bugs. I don’t like kisses and I don’t like hugs. So for my birthday give me bugs. My name is barley and I eat bugs.

There is some great info in this article and magazine! Thanks for the link.

Jared Wallace

Bats are AWESOME, but they DO carry rabies. You need to check your facts. ( is a good place to start). Any bat that is out/active in the daytime should be avoided. Dogs, skunks, foxes and raccoons can also carry rabies.

Douglas …. I’m sure you know about this stuff already

Amy and if you don’t have a garden, I will soon and you can visit the bats 😉

Elizabeth Austin

I tried luring them from my neighbour’s yard. They were in my attic years before and then moved to his yard. I moved before I got any back. We put up commercially made houses 20 feet up in an open area. I wonder if that was the best way to attract bats?

Amber Martinez

Guano is very exclusive and enriching as a soil additive but very expensive.

Lanny Ross

Although they don’t really carry rabies as much as people think, bats are still carriers of many pathogens that can kill humans. This has a lot to do with bats having a crazy immunity along with a really high body temperature compared to mammals that walk instead of fly. This added body heat kills most weaker pathogens, but the ones that do survive tend to be even more deadly and resistant to treatment. This being said, it still shouldn’t detract you from keeping bats, the likelihood of getting disease from insect bite is much higher than from the feces of the bats, especially if you use the proper protective gear.

All animals can carry rabies. .depending where you live rabies is more prevalent in some areas. .can ask local wildlife if they can be baited for the vaccine

This has disinformation. Bats DO CARRY RABIES! Especially on the north east coast of the US. Spreading information like that could get someone killed. If you see a downed bat… dont touch it. Teach that to your kids as well. I have lots of love for bats and what they do… but please do not mislead people!

I have had a bat house up for a year now, but so far no bats. I understand it can take up to 5 yrs. for them to find it.

Why would i want bats in my garden?


I love bats too and I fear for their survival but it is not just misleading but outright false to say they don’t carry rabies. Not to say they all carry it but they absolutely can carry it! A good friend of mine was bit and immediately had to be treated and the bat was found to have rabies. They are needed in our ecosystem but be cautious and don’t handle one’s you find during the day or any that appear sick.

Jan, because you love nature, and all his diverse species, including bats.., or not?

you want bats, because you hate mosquitos… and people have for centuries treasured bat guano

Doesn’t bat poop like raccoon carry rabies too.and worms(heart&ring…other parasites…?

I would love to but am afraid my neighbors would kill them.

It is very rare for a bat to carry rabies . The chance is much less than for most other animals. I believe about a half of one percent.

Bats can carry rabies but the chance is very small…much less than most other animals.

LOL – we need more bats in Dunners

Good to know.

Lol my cat will eat it

The chances are much smaller than other animals. Bats do more good than harm.

I can build you some bat houses. Hang them on the side of your garage or on a telephone pole.

Yes! We tried in 3 different locations (homes) and several recommended locations around the yards…Not EVEN as easy as they say it is! Never did get a colony going!

Bats? What Bats? There are no more where I live. All dead.

“Half of one percent”
So if your little bat box hosts a colony of 200+ animals, you probably have at least one infected individual? Something to be wary of, but not paranoid over.

My bat houses turned into wasp houses……..

Sure would…anything to cut down on mosquitoes!

I’ve never heard of a person contracting rabies from a bat . I bet if you ask 20 people you know they will say the same thing .slim next to none

I have. Her name was Kelly. She was my baton partner. I’ve known her family pretty much my whole life and am still friends with her sister. Here’s a article.

We have bats now since we took down a big tree and have flyin space

Bats are great to have!

Bats are so cool

I’ve had bat boxes.

Katie Hayter

Why they are messy little critters. With all their poop and clinging to some high corner on your house no thanks and a chance to get rabbies.

The places I have seen them is near orchards living on houses high corners of the house cement or rock walls some places that will protect them from the elements and keep the little creepy things happy

John Deitz!

Anyone notice this article suggesting attracting more insects…for the bats to eat….the reason you want bats……duhhhhh

I want one!!!!!

Xoa Mitch

We had one in our house.

I have bat boxes, love having bats in my garden!

This is interesting stuff, may need to get this book.

Madeline Colson Murphy

I’ve got one in my attic AdrianGerth Vogel…come and get him!

put more baseballs on the field…

yes, but bats are vectors, not just victims. Why invite the vector to your front door?

the rabies scare is not real..percentages are very low…bats are great for keeping nosquitos down, which carry far more sickness than rabies

They also convert those insects into some of the best fertilizer known to man.

The bats around here are hibernating for the winter, but they’ll be out with the arrival of spring. What I want to know is how to REPEL MOONBATS.

beautiful useful little creatures!

Never had a problem with bats, even in the house I lived in that I’d find one every now and then. I would grab it with a towel and carefully put it out in the dark shed…so it could be safe until night…no big deal…;)


Absolutely love these creatures. ..they are so misunderstood


Absolutely love these creatures. ..they are so misunderstood.

Movies gave such a bad rap in the name of Vampire, leading to their population going negative.


the bat signal

To every rat, a bat is an angel…or a superhero

Kat Knapp

Amanda Santoni Steven Reed Matt Reed Austin Wayne

We have them in our palm tree.

Puting in a bat house on the side of my shed this year. Have at least 4 species here around my place in Northern California.

I want them no where around me. Lived in a housed that had record numbers all in the eaves. They were even trying to get into the kitchen from the ceiling, paws coming in around the molding. We won’t even talk about the smell of the guava (bat crap) which was seeping through 🙁

bats are wonderful.. it is so sad you are uninformed!

Itse.not a matter of being misinformed here where I am Elicia Koehn….
Here in Australia they carry lyssa virus which is a death sentence to.humans and other animals, as well as other viruses that there is no cure for….
Bats are definitely NOT welcome in my garden..

Just make sure Ozzie don’t stop by. Lol

There is a bat house here and i noticed that once the bats moved in, the Mosquito population went down. Love the Bats!

Wear your hair down! ROFL

They never botherd me but my mother! OY! She was insanely afraid!

I very much so dislike bugs so bring on the bats!

Bats are beautiful (in their own way)!


A little misinformation… To say bats do not carry rabies is inaccurate. MOST bats won’t have rabies, but they can. And when they do, the transmit it to humans rather easily. I LOVE BATS, but working from an informed position is best.

one of my favorite things to do is sit on the back steps and have a smoke at dusk, while watching the bats come out to dine on mosquitoes and dragon flies and dance in the sky as the last light leaves the sky

Walk outside after dark in the summer, and they go whizzing past your head! No problem attracting them in my neck of the woods.

Yeah, but they’re creepy. 😉 😛

Rick N Billi Toner

Katrina Buchinsky

I realize their importance, but I don’t want them around my house..

I love our bats !!!! I welcome them!!!!

How to attract rabies to your garden?

Myth: All bats have rabies.
Fact: Less than 1% of bats have rabies. Bats die from rabies. Remember to never handle any wild animal because there is always a chance that they may have diseases.

That isn’t what our state game department feels. They say it is more like 20%. You get close a bat around here and they will have you taking the shots. That includes the Gov. of the state and his family when they found bats in the offical state madsion.


Plant your garden in a cave.

I have wanted to put up a bat house on our barn..maybe someday I’ll do it.

“prevent your garden from pest”? Does anyone proof read?

refuse to use chemicals==

I have several bat houses scattered about the acreage and they seem to be working!

Love our yearly sojourns to France, Bats and All, and today I wish you, Nous Sommes Charlie!

Thank you Karin for your words 🙂

I have had a bat box up for 2 years and they still have not found it. Plenty of plants, trees, and a stream. We have seen a bat from time to time in the summer. Any other ideas to bring them in?

Shay Miller Rhame

Wear a bat costume at night and fly around?

Rocky Reynolds I’m taking back all my nice things I said to u . NO! Bats!

Shay Miller Rhame you know I love you

Bats can be trained so that you can send a group of them flying through your neighbor’s social gatherings.

I have an extra bat house if you want it Thoughtful Contrarn

We don’t have any trees, after Sandy, Jason. We have one we wish we could put up!

Great creatures. I just spend $10,000 excluding them from my house.

I love bats. The are all over our property. We have ponds, herb gardens and fruit trees. Perfect home for the misunderstood bat! I welcome them ❤️

I need a bat house, anyone have a photo to see how i can make one?

Their droppings make the best fertilizer.

That would be awesome!

Saadik Al-Ahmary. This might be helpful for your goals

You can hang it on the south side of your house. I gave away 5 this fall I put three on trees and two on houses. I know all but one have bats in them now.

Check your local craigslist…lots of folks who make bird houses around here put some together. Or try googling it… There are some university sites that even have plans!

and they’re sooooo cuuuuuute <3

In the Summer these little ones are flying all about our hill:-)

Terri Stone

Has a bat box xx

Build a bat box. Don’t use pesticides!

Heath Brodie!!!

Leave the dead trees in place, the bats make homes in them, also, they look kool

Allison Louden

Not when they sleep in my patio umbrella…. lol

We have bat houses and everything but they just seem to love my big patio umbrella…. scare me to death every time I open it

I think we get the idea though

My daughter was watching a show and has since asked multiple times if we can build a bat box.

You must live in an area where rabies is currently having an outbreak. Either that or they were concerned about a different disease. It isn’t a great idea to live with the bats, but letting them live on your property is beneficial to us and them.

Especially like that you mentioned the pesticides. There is no way to poison a food source without harming the “feeders”. Thanks.

We have tons of bats and in the fall they like to visit,INSIDE our home,Not cool.

Love bats!

They eat moths

My house has cedar siding all around, and the bats love it. You wouldnt believe the bats that fly out of the cracks about dusk.

Bathouse are easy! Just make a tapered box with the opening (a slot just wide enough for the bat to squeeze thru) at the tapered side. Hang with the opening facing downward.

Nikki Miller

Icky !!!! had one on my face and then a couple of mos later had them in my bed while I was sleeping…. what a nightmare. The rabies shots were HORRIBLE!

Put in a bat house

Linda Hadley…

Ann Lynne Baird

In case you were looking to do this. I don’t need them in my garden. I have them in my belfry already. But hopefully none in my larder, Kathy Reading Burns!

Sorry, going to pass on this. I hear enough creepy shit at night with the wird stealer meetings.

Kevin Chambless

I love bats. They are fun to watch.

Oceah Le Bask

Bats=no mosquitoes <3

I love bats ♡ ♡ ♡

Bat signal?

Wind turbines?


Fruit bat??

Herb George

Can you say rabies not thanks

Heather Guldner Rose

I don’t want bats in my house our near my pets. They carry rabies. We have feral barn cats that keep the rodents down. All we would need is 1 rabid bat & we would have a break out with all the wildlife out here in the country.

Away from the human house

Those wind turbines are bad for bats Kelley Jewell.

Build a bat box and they will come.

I hit a bat with a bat

Invite Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin to pose as scarecrows. They are bat shit crazy and attract bats wherever they go……

So is smog, carcinogenic substances and rampant pollution from fossil fuels

Jessica G.

We value our bats. all mammals can carry rabies, very few do in fact. They keep down insect populations for us farmers.

Why would i or anyone for that matter wanna attract bats to there garden or home for that matter Lol

Bat houses.

I just found a little guy while I was tearing down the rafters in my new place

they will eat their weight in mosquitoes every night so you can enjoy your back yard

nope – only because we have too many loose cats around and they would eat the poor bats – I’d love to be able to sit outside in the evening and not get eaten alive by mosquitoes, though

very true bats eat mosquitoes…

Bats eat thousands of insect and would hellp your gardens.

I built and installed three bat houses, up in the eaves of my shed in the back yard. All three are occupied. I built them from scrap rough lumber I scrounged and covered them with scrounged pieces of vinyl siding. They seem to love it. The smallest house has at least 9 bats in it. They moved in within days of installing them.

My daughter bought me a bat house for Christmas and I also received a Mason Bee house so I’m looking forward to filling both!!!!

We built a bat house…but no luck attracting any bats!

We use the Bat Light…

bathouses work for us!!

I do NOT want to see another Bat. They come into houses – one on my pillow next to my head is enough for me in my lifetime.

Umm no thank you, Blech I don’t care if they help again Blech

really interesting creature.. not good to have on your pillow though

I don’t have to create and environment for them…they live in my walls…don’t like it…


I would like to have pet bats in my backyard, but there are four cats in my backyard. I think the bats would lose, right?

Devin Gatton

Yes,I have bats nesting on my house,they eat a lot of mosquitoes

I <3 Bats


Disclaimer: I *LOVE* bats. They’re my favorite mammalian species to work with, by far. But as a veterinarian and former wildlife rehabilitator I need to address an erroneous claim in your article.

The article claims bats do not carry rabies. This is untrue. While the vast majority of bats are not rabid, they can carry and transmit rabies, and in fact are responsible for most of the annual human cases. (There are around 15-20 a year of those.) So if you have bats, take a couple of intelligent precautions. Make sure your home is sealed with screening over windows and any holes under the eaves repaired so that they cannot get inside. If they do, use work gloves and a towel to (gently!) pick them up and take them outside to a nearby tree. If you suspect it may have bitten someone, it should be submitted for testing, which means it will be euthanized. With all due caution put it in a shoebox and take it to a local vet, humane society, or wildlife center. DON’T try to kill it yourself! Anyone suspected to have been exposed should report to their local ER for a rabies prophylaxis series. (I wouldn’t recommend taking the bat to a human hospital, they tend to freak out over those sorts of things.) Don’t poke or harass bats, don’t try to pet bats, and any bat that you find dead or looking very sick should be taken to a local wildlife center or something similar (vet, humane society) for possible rabies testing. I repeat, it’s very rare, but it does sometimes happen so be smart and careful about it and you’ll be fine.

We have a bat house over the wetland area. But i didn’t see many bats last summer.. 🙁

I have a bat house. They eat their weight in mosquitoes every day!

l have bats and l hate them

Bats can carry rabies, it’s just not very common. It’s fatal to them, too.


We need all the animals, birds and insects to keep the balance. Without the bats, we would have so many mosquitos we probably couldn’t leave our homes at night. To those of you who thought it important to sign on and let us all know that you don’t like bats (for whatever silly or clearly misinformed reason)…here’s a news flash: the rest of us don’t care. Do you hear all of us droning on how much we dislike uninformed, selfish people who think the world revolves around them?

Bats are the most populous mammal on the planet. Chances are, no matter where you live, you are surrounded by bats. Without them, we would be overrun by insects. They are a necessary part of most ecosystems and so we need to encourage them, especially in areas where there is habitat loss. White nose has devastated bat populations in the Eastern US.

Don’t get them in your attic – they stink!

We haven’t had any bats in 3 years due to the ‘white nose syndrome’ that pretty much completely wiped them out in Nova Scotia, Canada… My bat houses have been unoccupied.
I Love bats so much! They have a place here and I am looking forward to seeing them… They are fun to watch, chasing up the bugs at dusk!


I always imagined they had rabies. I don’t know why.

Jennifer Dewey Wolf

I am not very impressed when they get in my house, though.

When we lived in the carribean we had a fruit bat the size of a small cat roost under our eves. Very cool creatures.

Would have been more helpful to include more plant names for those who don’t know.

Me either! I don’t like them in the patio umbrellas either

The Villa in Mexico had the “batarium” remember ?!

Akemi figured you’d like this.

coolest things ever except I don’t want them in my windows

Laurie, you know me so well

I remember watching the bats swooping down over the pool at the villa. And the giant frogs! Yet somehow there were still mosquitoes everywhere!

Old wives tale, plus they do not get tangled in your hair! Funny how some urban legends live on past their best by date!

And why do u want that?

Alison Treleaven

Talia Starseed x

Thanks for sharing Dyllie 💜 will save this post for future references 😉 xx

Plant fruit trees