Renewable Energy is Here – Solar Energy Prices Are Hitting The Floor –

Renewable Energy is Here – Solar Energy Prices Are Hitting The Floor

Solar Energy – Past, Present And Future

Who knew in just one decade solar energy would become a leading source of renewable energy? Two states, California and New Jersey are at the cutting edge of the solar energy industry. Previously, there were many obstacles encountered by renewable energy initiatives from the big fossil fuel energy competitors. Consumers began to realize solar power wasn’t just clean energy. It was more cost-effective than older energy sources. This change in consumer attitude opened the flood gates of success for the solar industry. Though there were many attempts at blocking renewable energy initiatives since the early 1970’s, today solar industries are flourishing and thriving.

New Homes And Renewable Energysolar cells for solar energy

In the past, homeowners trickled slowly into solar energy conversions. Today, new home construction includes solar panel installation as a regular part of new housing design. This is great news for solar energy businesses and the effect is a seamless compatibility with manufacture of panels and new job creation in installation and housing design.

Solar Conversions For Older Homes And Buildings

Local municipalities are increasingly converting to solar power due to its cost-effectiveness. This saves valuable tax revenues and helps local governments balance annual budgets. Many older homes, especially in the northeast US, are also converting from oil and natural gas fuels to more reliable, sustainable solar power. This is one reason the demand for solar power has risen to formerly unexpected levels.

In some areas of the northeast, solar power companies are offering opportunities to businesses and homeowners to convert by providing solar panel installation free of charge in exchange for allowing their homes and facilities to generate solar power in mass volume to meet demand by the growing number of new customers. Electric and natural gas utility bills can be prohibitive to household and business budgets. The cost of solar power is far more reasonable. The effect of spikes in renewable energy conversions has prices hitting the floor.