It would be helpful to have either closed captioning and the ability to see the mouse pointer on Powerpoint during the lectures, so it would be easier to follow along. Other than that, brilliant website! Very useful and informative! It s the “one-stop place ” for everybody that desires to live sustainable, eco-friendly lives! To learn about what Permaculture was all about. I m extremely happy that I saw someone “share ” this website on Facebook – a while back! I think they re all great, humorous yet great instructors! It s wonderful the way it is. The plethora of viable education on this website, to live as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Work WITH Nature, rather than against it 🙂 Other than mouse-pointer on Powerpoint to be visible, and closed-captioning. Perhaps a drop-down box for other educational topics that aren t lecture based, like for “How To Grow ” s .. and for all the other useful information that isn t apart of the lectures themselves. Perhaps a video series on information, like cover cropping, etc. I m currently unable to due to financial circumstances, I plan to whenever I can however. I ve shared this website multiple times on Facebook, even to a eco-friendly friend that works on a farm, and found this Permacultural-information highly valuable and applicable.and Thank You for providing the plethora of free-information on Permaculture!