I really don t need a certificate now, but I can tolerate marketing because it usually comes with some useful advice so it s OK. I wanted to learn about permaculture but could not afford expensive courses and no one else would give really useful advice like you guys. It s always just the introductory and overly general stuff that s for free but really useful and concrete advice must be payed for. You guys are wonderful for making the good stuff free, thank you. I also wasn t able to leave my two babies at home while I spend a week or more at some permaculture course, with you I can learn from home which is wonderful. I m just truly and deeply grateful for all the knowledge shared here. I m also fascinated by the passion that these people have for permaculture and the ideas they have. Simple design, easy to use, perhaps it s not spectacular but I like it. It s free, currently I don t need a certificate so I m OK. I think it s a good policy not to charge if it s for private use and charge for a certificate.It s unlimited so I can go at my own pace, revisit things and organize my learning.It s really useful content not just free intro and pay for the good stuff.You can discuss thing in forum.Instructors are wonderful, full of knowledge and passion and willing to share this with others. Sometimes I had trouble hearing the things in the videos (mostly students questions and comments) but considering it s all free I don t expect you guys to invest too much in the videos, sharing the existing ones is amazing enough. Yes, when I have money and need, for now I m just designing my own property and experimenting with permaculture. Permaculture is truly understanding nature and working with it not against it. It offers solutions for agriculture, energy and social organization that would make this world an enjoyable place for everyone. Permaculture is a lifestyle and a mindset, not just a way to grow your food, and that is why it is so revolutionary. This course enables you to learn everything about acquiring this lifestyle and mindset in your own time form wonderful instructors and free of charge. I just can t say enough about how much I love this course, how helpful it s been and how thankful I am. I really recommend this course to everyone who is willing to be the change that we want to see in the world. Thank you and bless you!